Sensible traffic and public transit

Speeding and heavy traffic are top concerns for ward residents on streets like Clyde Avenue, Baseline Road and Maitland Avenue.  Unsafe intersections have resulted in accidents with pedestrians.  It’s a basic need to feel safe on the streets of College Ward. 

  • I will make it a priority to investigate and implement traffic calming measures including speed boards.


Parts of the ward experience heavy through-traffic of commuters connecting to and from the Queensway. This traffic can become “stop and go” and result in speeding between intersections with associated safety risks. 

  • I will meet with staff in the City’s Transportation Services Department to discuss options for traffic flow improvement and enhanced safety.


OCTranspo is not providing reliable and frequent bus service to College Ward. And we lack smart bus routes between neighbourhoods and suburbs.

  • I will make it a top priority to meet with OCTranspo and discuss options for better routing.
  • I will recommend OCTranspo waive its express bus rider fees for trips connecting to the LRT during the first 90 days of the LRT’s launch.