Spending with common sense

Spending can appear to be wasteful and lacking solid financial judgment.  Citizens and councillors are often kept in the dark about the details of the City budget. Key contracts have been approved without sufficiently thorough reviews.

  • I will put forward a motion requesting Council launch an expenditure review to explore where City spending may be either inefficient and/or ineffective in achieving its planned outcomes.
  • I will provide regular and meaningful opportunities to hear from you. I will host regular “town halls” and schedule temporary offices across the ward to open communications and discussion on a more informal basis. 
  • I will report back to College Ward residents using social media, meetings and information sessions. I will host and maintain a current website of activities happening in the ward and the City.
  • I will conduct ongoing, regularly scheduled, neighbourhood door-to-door canvassing.
  • I will coordinate a network of community associations within the ward and bring these groups together on a regular basis.
  • I will implement effective (timely, responsive) use of social media – and provide responses within 48 hours. The use of social media will allow you to track my record and hold me accountable.


Working with residents, I will develop a “unique to College Ward” guide / map for formal public engagement on ward and city-related projects. I will draw on best practices from other jurisdictions and will work in the ward to put some standards and consultation tools in place. This process will exceed minimum standards at the City level. I will draw on my expertise in working with refugees, with vulnerable populations and in working with diverse communities.