College Ward: a safe and vibrant community where people, families and businesses thrive.

The City of Ottawa makes decisions that affect you every day:  from controlling the traffic on roads, to the frequency of buses, to how you put out your garbage.  City Council should make those decisions with your input. 

It’s not enough for your City Councillor to talk to you now, and then think she is representing your interests after the election – the conversation must continue after the election.

I will make College Ward a stronger community where people are connected to City Council decision-making.

I see College Ward as a safe and vibrant community, where all residents enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Here is how I will put my experience to work to make that happen. For the full PDF version of my platform please click here.

Emilie's Platform


Spending with common sense
Listening and acting on your concerns and ideas.

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Sensible traffic and public transit
Improved safety on College Ward streets and gaining better access to buses.

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Safe and vibrant neighbourhoods
Collaborating with you to make College Ward a wonderful community to live, work and play.

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