Emilie Coyle Releases Campaign Contributions

Emilie Coyle, candidate for City Councillor in College Ward, today publicly released the list of contributions made to her campaign, for all amounts of $100 and more, as well as the total amount of contributions under $100. 

“As part of my ongoing commitment to financial openness and transparency, I’m releasing this information before election day, rather than after. Voters have a right to know who is financially supporting a candidate before they cast their ballot."

Coyle, called on the two other candidates for Councillor in College Ward to publicly release their campaign contributions information before election day, as well.  “If we are going to rebuild public trust in municipal politicians we should expect candidates to be open about who has donated money to them,” said Coyle.   

To date, Coyle has raised $17,740.00 from a total of 155 donors.  Seventy-seven donors have contributed $100 or more, with the average donation being $188.82.  Seventy-eight donors have contributed less than $100, with an average donation amount of $41.04.  Among her donors is her spouse, Adam Brown, who contributed $1,200 to his wife’s campaign.  

Coyle’s biggest campaign expenses have been printing brochures and lawn signs, followed by hiring a student in Algonquin College’s Graphic Design program, to design her campaign brand and most of her information and promotional products.

For list of contributions, please click here.


For more information, please contact: Emilie Coyle, 613.316.6785 or emilie.coyle@gmail.com